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Dr.A.Tan AGB code: ZVL:84022374

After my medical study at “Vrije Universiteit” (VU) in Amsterdam, completed in 1989, I started to practise as a stand-in practitioner at “Allergie Centrum Amsterdam”(Allergic Center Amsterdam) in Amsterdam.

Beside it I am working as a medical practitioner in acupuncture (member of NAAV) in my own practice in Amsterdam.

At the same time I am a teacher in acupuncture at “Stichting NAAV Onderwijs”(Foundation NAAV Education) in Breukelen.

Also I participated in pilot investigation (RCT) on Chinese herbs token at transitional phase complaints (menopause).

Beside the above mentioned study I completed the following studies:

- Akademie Analitische Chemie (Academy of analytical Chemistry) in Indonesia

- Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs (HBO-A) Biochemistry in Delft

Ms. Li Chen Licensed Acupuncturist, Beauty specialist

Zhong Licentienr.072173007757

Graduated in 2007 from a 3 year course in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shen Zhou Open University. In 2003 she graduated from both Dangremond Institute in The Hague and the Monita Beauty School in Hong Kong. She specialises in Oriental skin types, but she is also knowledgeable about Caucasian and Dark skin. She combines her knowledge of beauty treatments with that of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and so not only does she pay attention to the exterior but also to the often neglected inner balance. She is extremely skilful in a variety of facial treatments, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Permanent make-up. She is a member of the Dutch Acupuncture Oganisation and the Dutch Professional Beautician Organisation.

www.zhong.nl, www. kab-koepel.nl ,www.anbos.nl

Linda Chen – Licensed acupuncturist

Linda is a licensed acupuncturist with a background in coaching, career and leadership development by Royal Dutch Shell. She graduated from Shenzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Open University with excellent results in Foundations of Western Medicine and Cum Laude in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. Her thesis on “Acupuncture Treatment of Menopausal Hot Flashes and Its Efficacy” is published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture which is a

professional journal of ATCM (The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK).

Linda is a registered member of the professional association Zhong (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde). (Thus reimbursement of part of the treatment fee is possible if covered by medical insurance).

Linda has taken extra courses including auricular therapy, cosmetic acupuncture, abdominal acupuncture and ancient needle free techniques. As a medical practitioner, Linda is dedicated to providing excellence in healthcare and supporting her patients on their path to optimal health and well-being. She enjoys open, two-way communication and a trusting relationship.

Ms.Harumi Hori, Masseuse

Ms. Harumi Hori completed her education in Shiatsu therapy in Japan. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in authentic Shiatsu therapy.

Ms.Sisi Lo, Beauty Specialist

Ms. Sisi Lo completed her training as a Beauty Specialist at the Albeda College in Rotterdam. Later she completed her training as a Hair Stylist at the Mondriaan College in The Hague. She is specialised in the field of facial treatments, cosmetic manicure and pedicure, Variable Pulsed Light techniques (VPL) for permanent hair removal, and cavitations.

Bas Aarts is sinoloog.

acupuncturist, tuina specialist en beoefenaar van Taijiquan en Qigong

Gedurende zijn verblijf in Beijing heeft hij onder Xin Litian

intensief Baguazhang geoefend. Verder is hij hier in aanraking

gekomen met bepaalde vormen van chrono-acupunctuur.

Zijn afstudeerscriptie voor Leiden ging over dit onderwerp en

dat leidde tot een uitnodiging als gastspreker op het 11e

Internationale Congress of the History of East Asian Science.

Hij heeft verder gewerkt bij Shenzhou in Amsterdam,

hier leerde hij dr. Shi Baoshun kennen die hem op traditionele

manier heeft opgeleid tot Tuina specialist bij het CMDC in Utrecht. Naast de rechtstreekse kennis overdracht in het

Chinees kon hij alles direct in de praktijk toepassen.

Hier heeft hij fulltime gewerkt tot 2010, het jaar dat hij in

Leiden en Venlo Aarts Acupunctuur heeft opgericht.

Sinds 2007 is hij Lid van de vakvereniging NVTCG ZHONG.

Ms.Hoi Mee Cheug Beauty specialist

Hoi Mee graduated at the ROC Mondriaan in the Hague.Sh is specialised in different kind of treatments such as facial treatments, relaxing body massage, hair removal and cosmetic manicure and pedicure.

Ms.Queeny Ly Wimpersextension specialist

Ms.X. Xu Masseuse, Beauty specialst