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Price of the treatment

Full face € 87,50- 20min each time or 6 times €465,-

Full face with cleansing & mask € 107,50-

6 times € 565,-

Neck € 75,- each time or 6 times € 390,-

Skin Rejuvenation with VPL

VPL™ is the latest advance in non-invasive skin treatment technology.

This quick, effective and safe treatment helps to improve skin texture and tone and reduces a wide variety of skin imperfections for both men and women.

VPL™ offers a safe, non-surgical treatment for many different skin conditions often brought about by age or over-exposure to the sun.

How VPL™ works for skin rejuvenation

Sun damage and the effects of ageing can leave skin looking tired and prematurely aged, resulting in skin imperfections on the face and body. VPL™ uses carefully filtered light energy to target the different structures within the skin to reduce imperfections and improve skin texture and tone.

What happens during a treatment?

You will receive a full consultation with a fully trained therapist who will assess your suitability for the treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Your therapist will advise you on the best course of treatment; this will depend on your age, your skin condition, the severity of your condition and your lifestyle.

The Treatment

Your therapist will apply a cooling gel to the area being treated to ensure that the light energy from VPL™ achieves the best results.

After your treatment, the cooling gel will be removed and a sunscreen lotion will be applied.A course of treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results, the length of which will depend on the condition being treated and its severity.

Thread Veins, Spider Naevi & Cherry Spots

These are conditions where small broken veins become visible on the skin's surface. During a VPL™ treatment light energy is absorbed by the blood vessels that make up these imperfections. This absorption process heats up and breaks down the vessels. Effective VPL™ treatments allow the body to recognise these broken vessels as waste and remove them naturally.

Sun & Age Spots

Sun, liver and age spots are conditions that usually appear in later years on the surface of the skin. These are all caused by an excess concentration of melanin in a particular area, the pigment which determines our hair and skin colour.

Melanin absorbs the light energy during a VPL™ treatment and heats up quickly, whilst the surrounding skin remains cool. This rapid heating helps break up the concentration of excess melanin into smaller particles that are then removed by the body's natural waste processes. Imperfections are reduced and skin texture and tone is improved.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Collagen is the substance in our bodies that keeps our skin looking youthful and smooth. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The carefully filtered light from VPL™ systems stimulates fibroblasts cells in the body to produce more collagen. This new collagen moves outwards to the skin's surface resulting in a smoother texture, smaller pore size and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Acne is caused when pores become blocked by over production of sebum and dead skin cells. Once pores are blocked bacteria can build up and cause infection. This can result in acne.

VPL™ treatment improves acne vulgaris (active acne) by destroying anaerobic bacteria that causes the infection by producing an oxygen rich environment. VPL™ light also effectively reduces the inflammation associated with acne.

Acne is reduced significantly following a course of treatments and skin texture and tone is improved as VPL™ initiates further collagen production.


A skin condition resulting in severe redness and spots on the face caused by the dilation of tiny blood vessels below the skin's surface. Rosacea begins as outbreaks of flushing and redness on the face, but can also affect the neck, chest, scalp and ears. These blood vessels may become hyper-sensitive to certain triggers.

VPL™ treatment can help control the symptoms of rosacea, reducing redness and inflammation. The light energy is absorbed by the inflamed blood vessels, and the associated heating helps break these down. The body then recognises these broken vessels as waste and removes them naturally.

Frequently Asked questions

Q. What Areas Can be Treated?

A. The treatment is effective at reducing and improving skin imperfections on the face, neck, décolleté and all over the body. Long-lasting results can be achieved on virtually all skin types.

Q. What Can Ultra VPL™ Treat?

A. Ultra VPL™ is clinically proven to effectively treat and improve the appearance of thread veins, sun spots, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines, rosacea and acne. Ultra VPL™ has also been successful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars in certain cases.

Q. Are There Any Side-Effects?

A. Your skin type, specific condition and sensitivity to the treatment will be assessed by your therapist. Due to the personalised treatment settings determined by your therapist during consultation, you should not experience any side-effects. A slight reddening of the skin can occur immediately after your treatment, this is an indication of an effective treatment and will fade very quickly.

Q. How Many Treatments are Required?

A. In most cases results can be seen after just three to five treatments, however, your therapist will advise you on a suitable course of treatments during your consultation. The number of treatments you will need will depend on your age, your skin condition, the severity of your condition and your lifestyle. Best results are achieved with a course of treatments. Your therapist will advise you as to whether top up treatments over a longer period of time may be required.

Q. What Should I Do After Treatment?

A. Your therapist will apply a soothing gel where necessary after treatment as your skin may be slightly warm and pink. We recommend you use a sunscreen for a few weeks following treatment, and avoid tanning beds or sunbathing for at least 7 days. Your therapist will answer any questions you may have after you have been treated and will also advise you on a suitable skin care programme to enhance your skin tone and texture.

Q. Can This System Be Used With Other Therapies?

A. Yes, clients often have other treatments around the same time as having an Ultra VPL™ treatment. Always advise your therapist during your consultation about any other treatments you have recently received or are planning to have.