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Shiseido White Lucency Treatment with Oxygen Mask 60 min € 61.50

White Lucency skincare targets spots, while moisturizes to prevent roughness and to promote a luminous, glowing complexion.

Cleansing, White Lucency deep-cleansing, Peeling, steam, deep pore cleansing, Shiseido energetic face/neck/shoulder massage, oxygen mask, White Lucency serum and lotion, White Lucency day-creme

Mesoestetic Mesopeel+ Ultimate W whitening program

45min each session € 75,- or 5 sessions € 325,-

session 1 mesopeel salicylic 20%

session 2 mesopeel mandelic 40%

session 3 mesopeel melanostop

session 4 mesopeel salicylic 10%+mesopeel melanostop

session 5 mesopeel salicylic 10%+ mesopeel melanostop

home use product ultimate W whitening day & night cream, whitening essence, whitening elixir( oral use) €282,50 (incl 15% discount)

Mesoestetic Cosmelan € 550,-

Professional topical bleaching treatment designed to eradicate or lessen any skin blemishes acquired of melanic origin whilst simultaneously uniformising skin tone and increasing skin luminosity.

The application of cosmelan inhibits the melanogenesis processes, paralysing the production of melanin for a long period of time during which the scaling of strateum corneum and the action of the macrophagic cells drags the melanin deposits.